PDO Treads

Are your face and neck giving away your age?

Unfortunately, the signs of aging are so noticeable on our faces. As we age, we start losing facial fat and volume, the supporting tissues of the cheeks and jawlines weaken, and our lower face and neck start to sag. Facial Thread Lifting gently lifts sagging facial and neck skin to produce a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Facial Thread Lifting is ideal for those who are experiencing mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues.

A thread facelift procedure uses different types of PDO sutures to help lift and tighten skin on the face and neck.

  • Raise outer brow area
  • Reduce jowl and jawline
  • Reduce sagging cheeks
  • Minimize nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)

What can I expect from a Thread Facelift procedure?

During a Facial Thread Lift, our Board Certified practitioners will inserts special absorbable, thread into the soft tissue of the face or neck through strategic needle entry points made. A hollow needle is inserted into the skin to position the threads in place. The threads attach to the skin tissue or fat and pull back to instantly lift and smooth loose skin, reducing the appearance of sagging skin. Depending on the number of areas being treated, Facial Thread Lifting can be completed within 30 minutes to 2 hours. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and patients remain conscious during the procedure, you can approve the look of thread lift as the surgeon works. The needle access points are invisible and there is no scarring.

What are the benefits of Facial Thread Lifts?

  • Less invasive than other face lifting procedures
  • No downtime associated with traditional surgical facelift
  • Bruising or swelling usually settles within a 3-7 days
  • Quick recovery
  • No general anesthesia is required

Who is a good candidate for Facial Thread Lifting?

Prior to Facial Thread Lift, it is important to clearly set out your expectations during your consultation. While a face thread lift can deliver amazing results, it may not be the right treatment for you. There are some cases that require surgical facelift to achieve the desired results. Suitable candidates for Facial Thread Lift are men and women who are in their mid-30s to 50s and with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues.