Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking? Do you ever think about what it would feel like if you could stop worrying about having to get rid of unwanted hair? Well, Laser Hair Removal is the new way of living a hair-free life!

Pure Indulgence Aesthetics sets the industry standard in laser hair removal by offering the latest laser technology, qualified, experienced technicians, all at an affordable price.

  • Faster treatment times.
  • Gliding effect to minimize patient discomfort.
  • Virtually painless treatment without the use of anesthesia or numbing cream. 

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The laser hair removal system emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. When the pigment gets hot enough to damage the cells that make your hair it results in permanent damage to the hair follicle and permanent loss of hair. The key to successful treatments is to destroy the entire hair, while preserving surrounding healthy tissue. Treatments are most effective when the hair is in its active growth phase called the anagen phase; consequently, multiple treatments scheduled several weeks or months apart are typically required to achieve optimal results.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

All of laser hair removal treatments have been cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. After your first laser hair removal treatment, you will begin to notice that less hair grows back and the hair becomes a lot thinner and lighter compared to when you started your treatment. We recommend 4-6 treatments for best results.

Tips for getting the best results from each Laser Hair Removal treatment:

  • Best results usually requires 6 treatments at six – twelve week intervals
  • Hair follicles can remain in resting stage for up to 9 months
  • Only actively growing hair follicles will be removed
  • Most effective during the early growing phase of the hair follicle
  • Waxing 2-3 weeks prior to treatments improves laser hair removal results
  • Thicker darker hair responds better than finer lighter hair
  • Tanned skin blocks laser light from reaching hair follicle reducing effectiveness
  • Shave prior to your treatments
  • Do not wax within 2 weeks of your treatment