IV Therapy

The body needs an adequate amount of vital minerals and nutrients to function properly. Without a sufficient supply of essential minerals and nutrients, physiological functions do not work as effectively as they normally would, and the body is more susceptible to diseases and other illnesses. To help promote sound physiological function and protect the body’s immune system, NewMedica offers intravenous (IV) therapy, administered in our comfortable IV lounge.

With IV therapy, high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are introduced directly into the bloodstream to promote health and bolster the body’s immunity and healing processes. Because the vitamin and nutrient cocktail is introduced directly into the bloodstream, it skips the digestive tract and goes right to work at the cellular level and has an immediate positive effect on the body’s immune system and metabolism.

With IV therapy, you no longer have to count out your vitamins every single day. IV vitamin therapy gives you the nutrients and energy you need to get on a better track with your daily life!